How we work

Within bitspossessed we want to promote our values by working transparently in terms of organizational structure and contribute to "open source" structures to inspire other collectives.


We created a non-hierarchical structure with clear and healthy roles that are rotated regularly.
  • Navigator / Collective Tasks Coordination
  • Warp drive engineer / Infrastructure / house builder / Collective Dev-Ops
  • Finances / Pre-post-scarcity planning
  • Spaceship Counsellor / Spock-Hand
  • Fun coordinator / dynamisation / "Fun-raising"
  • External Communication / Social Media / Website / E-Mail
  • Secretary
  • Moderator
  • Meetup coordinator
  • Project coordinator
  • Repository maintainer

Virtual office

As we work primarily remote-first, we have virtual office with the following spaces:
  • We host many of the services in a Debian Server provided by Maadix.
  • Nextcloud sharing for files, calendar, contacts, and project borads. We use OnlyOffice for collaborative writting.
  • Rocket.Chat for internal communication.
  • Jitsi for video calls.
  • HedgeDoc for collaborative note taking in Markdown.
  • FreeScout for managing shared mailboxes.
  • Mailman for managing mailing lists.
  • Webmail Rainloop as a web-based email client.
  • Bitwarden to centrally store credentials.
  • Clockify for tracking our working time.
  • GitHub for hosting our code repositories.
  • OBS to record locally the content we want to preserve.
We prioritize maintaining our own infrastructure, and using open source software internally to our own ability.