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adz is an electric bass player, producer, composer and developer. His work consists of both digital and physical environments, spaces, festivals, software or platforms for participants and listeners. the computer itself serves as an artistical, political, social or philosophical medium, dealing with computer culture, machine learning, platform politics or decentralized networks.

Currently contributing to the offline community computing space in Berlin and the p2panda p2p protocol.
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telecommunication engineer interested in technology as a tool for social change. Worked in IoT but lately focus in software engineering. Currently studying a master in Robotics and Engineering.

steping into the sound engineering world, to support the struggles in the community.
lluna creixent
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computer engineer attracted to [computer networks and distributed systems], [free sofware and social projects], [technical sovereignty]

with experience in software development, service and network maintenance, research, IT support for community organizations and workshop facilitation about digital privacy and security

in the present time working as software engineer in CirclesUBI, and Devcontrol. In the past contributed to Guifi·net, DWeb Camp Meshnet, and Cudú

loves dancing, maths, nature, friends, tropikal mood, and collectivism
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Fullstack developer currently working on the frontend of Outside of programming she really enjoys dancing, statistics, building stuff and exploring organisational and social structures. Besides working she now also studies permaculture design. She has a background in engineering physics, renewable energy systems and environmental activism.
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Frontend developer working on
💜 travelling and cycling.
Takes energy from 🌞 and ❄.
Enjoys meeting new people and playing chess.